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WHAT IN THE NEWS AT TECHNOLOGY USA, LLC to celebrate 25 years of providing service to Wisconsin Business.
11-14-2014 Kicking off our 25th year of Premier IT services to SE wisconsin.
10-30-2014 Technology USA, LLC - Now proving TUSA iBackup to Customers form 3 locations for redundacny.

08-27-2014 Technology USA, LLC - Welcome Kevin Gorthen to the team.

07-15-2014 Technology USA, LLC - Expands line of digital surveillance to incluse remote access to DVR via internet. Please see a Technology USA, LLC representative for more inforation.

05-20-2014 Technology USA, LLC - Celebrates 15 years as a Misrosoft partner.

03-20-2014 Technology USA, LLC Provide neworking and security services to Medivant Technology Services of Las Vegas, NV.

02-07-2014 Technology USA, LLC Upgrade online backup capabilities to provide T3 services to all online backup customers.

10-10-2014 Technology USA, LLC receives Microsoft Preferred Partner Status.

07-01-2014 Technology USA, LLC Upgrade core Anti-spam sercices to provide more protection to users inbox

04-18-2014 Technology USA, LLC upgrades Mail & Web server due to demand for more services.

01-01-2014 Technnology USA, LLC announces RIMS (Remote Internet Management Service) is available now to mobile devices and PDA's.

12-23-2013 Technnology USA, LLC announces Partner status with Microsoft, Sonicwall and Cisco.

06-21-2013 Technnology USA, LLC announces expanded bandwidth for hosting customers.

04-20-2013 New off-site backup srvices available. Please see a representative for more information.

10-10-2013 Technology USA, LLC announces new packages available for on-line backup services Code named TUSA iBackup.

06-05-2013 We have been providing it for years, but Technology USA, LLC offically expands services to structed cabling.

02-01-2013 Technnology USA, LLC to celebrate 23 years of providing service to Wisconsin Business.

01-25-2013 Technnology USA, LLC announces survey contest winner. Susan Wehelm received a new Intel based PC.

01-20-2013 Customer satisfaction survey results 99.04% approval for 2006. Customers looking for more integrated service offerings.

01-12-2013 Paul Dankert joins the Technology USA, LLC Team.

12-01-2012 Mike Bakhagen joins Technology USA, LLC Team.

11-30-2012 Technnology USA, LLC announces Off-site backup now available to customers.

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