PC Support and Repair

For most of us, our PC is one of the most, if not the most important tool for daily business.  When it doesn't work right, productivity suffers.  Our technicians can identify and repair most PC issues, and will work to get your operation back up and running as quickly as possible.


In addition to support and repair, we also custom-build new PCs, based on your needs.  From simple office computers to powerful graphic workstations, we are able to build equipment to suit any position / industry.

Network Design and Installation

Proper network design helps your business run better.  Whether that means a single, networked printer or multi-site Active Directory deployment, the experts at Technology USA can help plan and deploy the ideal network to meet the demands of your growing business.


We can also do an assessment of your current network, and provide recommendations to improve the efficiency of your most critical business infrastructure - your network.

Data Backup / Recovery

Your data is one of your most important business assets.  As more of your data becomes digital, maintaining accurate backups of the information is absolutely critical.


Technology USA offers several backup solutions to our clients, including on-site and off-site, as well as assisting with creating a disaster recovery plan in the event your data is lost or becomes corrupted.


We also offer routine backup validation and testing to ensure that your systems and critical data are being backed up on a regular basis.

Mobile Device Management

Mobility is becoming an ever-increasing segment of today's business model.  Having access to your data on smartphones and tablets helps you increase productivity, but how do you protect your information when it leaves the office?


We offer planning and deployment assistance for many of today's modern mobile device management platforms, and will help you choose a solution that works for your business.


Whether you provide company devices, or allow employees to provide their own, we are able to help you protect your data in an evermore mobile society.

Server Deployment / Maintenance

Servers are some of the most versatile equipment you can deploy in your business.  From web hosting to email, file and print sharing to user access control, determining the right type of server for your business can be a difficult challenge.


Our experts will talk to you about your needs, both current and future, and will help design and deploy a system that meets the needs of your business.


We also monitor and maintain existing servers, keeping your network, data, and remote connectivity working at all times.

IT Consulting

While some business owners have a good idea of their current and future technology needs, you may be slightly lost in the ever-changing field of technology.


Not sure where to start?  Let us help with our comprehensive IT consulting services.  We will meet with you and your team, assess your current network, and help you make informed decisions about moving forward with new technologies.  Our experts keep current on new and emerging technologies, and have knowledge to help you leverage these new opportunities to increase your productivity.


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